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Our purpose is to allow students interested in data science to learn more about potential
career opportunities, provide relevant and meaningful industry information, give opportunities to gain experience
through projects with Atlanta non-profits, and foster a space to expand interests within the field.


Our database includes resources for beginner, intermediate, and advanced data scientists. Here you can find sample datasets and tutorials for R and Python


Our association receives faculty advising and other support from the Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods at Emory University.


We are always looking for additional sponsors. Please contact us at emorydatascienceclub@gmail.com if you or your organization would like to work with us.

Executive Board

Sam Distler


Sarah Saltzman

Vice President of Communications

William Ding

Vice President of Development

Bella Ren

Vice President of Events

Ronik Sheth

Vice President of Project Team

Prerna Advani


Kelsey Sattler

Development Director

Brandi Piao

Development Director

Sunny Chung

Communications Director

Isabella Cao

Events Director

Arshia Singhal

Freshman Representative

Lucy Xu

Sophomore Representative

Project Team

The Emory Data Science Association's Project Team is made up of students who meet to discuss and complete various projects for the organization. Past projects include website development, non-profit data reports, case study creations, and organizing a resources page for general members.

General Body Members

Nana Adjedu
Bhargav Annigeri
Mert Atli
Konya Badsa
Rina Bang
Mino Cha
Spandan Chenna Madhavuni
Veena Chittamuri
Cohen Chong
Ted Chua
Jayeol Chunv
Anna M Connolly
Zirui Deng
Kristine Dennis
Peijian Ding
Samantha Distler
Cecilia Esquivel
Mitchell Friedman
Jeff Gao
Adam Glynn
Sean Han
Yousung Han
Winston He
Abby Hensley
Aleksander Hubert
Jeremy A Jacobson
Mark Jeyaraj
Miles Jones
Christina Jordan
Ryan Joye
Eunice Kang
Hyounkyu Kang Kang
Junyuan Ke
Brandon Lee
Steven Lee
Morgan Levy
Tanner Lewis
Helin Li
Jonathan Liang
Jessica Lin
Qiao Lin
Beau MacKenzie
Vir Mittal
Elyse Morin
David Nicholson
Matt Organisak
Debora Owens
Brandy Piao
Chloe Pinkston
Pranav Ravikumar
Nadia A Riverso
Allison Rose
Kelsey Sattler
Chenzhi Shen
Ronik Sheth
Chen Sun
Sarah Takushi
Lauren Treimans
Sejal Verma
Jason Wang
John Wang
Julie A Wang
Mark Wang
Chenxi Xu
David Yan
Allen Yang
Marko Yang
Huilan You
Agnes Zhang
Chao Zhang
Sichen Zhu

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Email our executive board to partner, sponsor, or network


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